New 1/2 NPT Compressed Air Filter Regulator

New Compressed Air Filter Regulator with 1/2" working ports.

This high quality, economical air regulator is ideal for any application where you want to keep he compressed air clean and dry as well control the outlet pressure.

Comes with:
1 ea Filter Regulator
1 ea Pressure gauge
1 ea Wall mounting bracket
1 ea Panel mounting nut

Filter: 25 Micron
Inlet and outlet port 1/2" NPT
Gauge and Auxiliary port 1/4" NPT
Maximum inlet pressure: 175 PSIG
Maximum adjustable range and working pressure 145 PSIG
Flow: 140 CFM

Note this unit has 4 ports:
The inlet and outlet are 1/2" NPT. The are two auxilliary or gauge ports. These are 1/4" NPT. One is open and ready to accept the gauge (included) the other comes plugged with a pipe plug.

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