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The Alemite 7260 Heavy Duty Electric Cord Reels ensure your cords are within an arm’s reach, but out of the way. By minimizing the hazards of dangling electrical cords, these reels improve safety, convenience and productivity.


  • Adjustable roller guide arm with nylon guide rollers reduces drag and wear
  • Adjustable bumper stop allows any desired length of cord to be maintained outside the reel
  • Automatic spring retraction for quick cord rewind
  • Steel construction for optimal reliability in industrial applications
  • Reel drive springs manufactured from high-quality scaleless blue tempered steel
  • UL listed and CSA certified

Mounting: Wall, floor, ceiling, bench top, truck

  Product # Outlet Cord Size Number of Conductors Cord Length Volts Ampere Weight
  7260 Duplex with GFCI 12 guage (3.32mm²) 3 45' (14m) 115V 20 amp 30 lb. (14 kg)
  7261 RV Plug 10 guage (5.37mm²) 3 50' (15m) 115V 35 amp 47 lb. (22 kg)

NOTE: For indoor, non-weather tight applications only.
7260 A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is designed for protection from line-to-ground shock hazards. These could occur from defective power tools or appliances operating from this device or from down-line outlets protected by this device.
The GFCI is not designed to protect against short circuits or overloads. That type of protection is the function of the fuse or circuit breaker.
Individuals who suffer from heart problems or other conditions that make them susceptible to electric shock are still in danger of being injured by ground faults on circuits protected by the GFCI receptacle. No safety device has the capability to protect against all hazards or carelessly handled electrical equipment.

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