Printed Circuit Boards

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Printed Circuit Board Design, Prototyping and Production

Do you need a quick prototype of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)?

Would your process be better if you had some sort of interface, but since you just need a handful, you think you can't afford to have it made?

Are you tired of late deliveries?

Are you tired of getting product that does not work, even though it has been "made to your specification" and other production runs worked just fine?

Let Liberty Supply, LLC help take the stress out of designing and building a PCB.

We have designed, prototyped all kinds of PCB into many industries, including:
  • Dental and Medical
  • Law Enforcement
  • Building and Grounds Maintenance
  • Test and Measurement
  • Semiconductor

Whether a simple interface box, or a human machine interface controller we can help.

Our process and guarantee takes the stress out of the design of your PCB:

Our process:

  1. Meet to gather information as to the specifications required
  2. Agree on specifications Quote. All quotes will include a clause citing our process from here.
  3. Make first article to your specification
  4. You evaluate and reply feedback. At his point any errors or omissions on our part will be addressed. You are also given another chance to evaluate what you asked for and add or subtract detail items. (example, you realize that you need a third LED at this point. There would be a nominal increase in production due to extra components, there would be no additional engineering charge.)
  5. Second article returned for production approval.
  6. If you do not want to do any manufacturing, at this point you own your new design with all documentation.
  7. If you want us to manufacture, you own the design and we begin manufacturing your product.
  8. Our manufacturing includes complete testing so that all product you receive is 100%
  9. We deliver product.

No reason to wonder when you will get product. Or if it will work when you get it. Or that it will cost too much to modify. Our process gives that all to you!

We look forward to the chance to work with you.