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We carry popular Alemite items like the Alemite 585 B1 14.4 Volt Battery Powered Grease Gun, the Alemite 595-A and 595-B 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Powered Grease Gun, The Alemite 9968 5:1 ratio oil pump, and the Alemite 7260 Electric Cord Reel.

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Featured Alemite Products

Alemite Oil Pumps Models: Alemite 9968 (5:1) and Alemite 9918-A (3:1)

Alemite Oil Pumps Models: Alemite 9968 (5:1) and Alemite 9918-A (3:1)

These Alemite Stub pumps are perfect for transferring oil from a bulk tank to the point of use. The Alemite 9968 is a 5:1 ratio pump, the Alemite 9918-A is a 3:1 ratio pump. Perfect for auto repair shop, municipal repair facilities, mining and industrial shops.
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Alemite Fluid Control Handles

Alemite Fluid Control Handles

Alemite Fluid Control Handles Models (Alemite 3670, Alemite 3671, Alemite 3670-B and Alemite 3671-B Great for dispensing shop fluids including oil, gear oil, antifreeze and others. All units come with an electronic meter. The four part numbers cover the combination of rigid and flexible extension and manual or automatic no drip tip.
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Alemite 14.4 Volt Battery Powered Cordless Grease Guns

Alemite 585-B1 Electric Grease Gun

The Alemite 585-B1 is a workhorse of an electric grease gun. It comes with two batteries and generates up to 10,000 PSI. Standard 1 year Alemite Factory Warranty, and 2 batteries. » Purchase Online

Alemite 18 Volt (Lithium Ion) Battery Powered Cordless Grease Gun

Alemite 595 Series 18 Volt

The Alemite 595 Series of electric grease guns come with long lasting Lithium Ion Batteries. They also feature a handy indicator to let you know when you have enough charge to run 3 more tubes of grease. Comes with the Standard 1 year Alemite Warranty and one (Model 595-A) or two (model 595-b) batteries.

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Alemite 7260 GFI Ground Cord Reel

Alemite 7260 GFI Ground Cord Reel

These Robust electric cord reels come with 45 feet of 12 AWG wire. Rated for 20 AMPS at 120 VAC. Comes with duplext GFCI. Perfect for any shop that needs an extension cord with the hazard of it laying on the floor.

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Alemite 6320-3 Standard High Pressure Control Valve

Alemite 6320-3 High Pressure Control Valve

The Alemite 6320-3 control handle is the work horse of control handles. This control handle comes with 1/4 NPTF ports and is rated to 7500 PSI.

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